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About Us

The Future of Money is Here

We have spent years building and maintaining close relationships with our overseas suppliers of mining machines, as a result we are able to offer the best equipment possible at very competitive costs to our clients.

Cryptocurrencies are not only the future of money, they are the now of money. It is time to make yours!

We offer machines that create
cryptocurrencies, which in turn creates your wealth.


Why Gold Tech Mining?

Individuals and businesses choose Gold Tech Mining because of many reasons.

We guarantee every machine we sell to be factory new.

  1. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  2. All machines are fully covered by a 120 day warranty .
  3. Delivery to your door 5-15 DAYS after placing your order!
  4. We can accommodate most orders from 1-100 machines.  

  • We stock the machines and ship from our NY warehouse.  
    Accept Bitcoin Payments

Gold Tech Mining